29 March 2011

Turning into a Wrestling Blog

Oh Well, To answer to your post below, Michael Cole is in a glass box because a few weeks ago he was brutally assaulted by stone cold, who then drank 50 beers and spilled 95% of each one. He got the shit stunned out of him, and felt unsafe at work so they ERECTED a glass cage for him to sit in.
NOW: To my points, Whats up with finishing moves? The rock dropped a peoples elbow last night and it didn't even phase the Miz, shouldn't it have left him incapacitated for a few minutes? He just shot right up and got thrown out of the ring. Back in my day, that move would have stopped the heart and left everyone in awe. I guess his elbow must have gotten dull? Then Cena drops the bomb on The Rock and he couldn't move for 15 minutes. WWE needs to get their shit together on finishing moves.


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