10 March 2011

Oh, Miggers

                Mmm Scotch.

Yahoo Sports - Miguel Cabrera(notes) is not on the travel roster for the Detroit Tigers’ game Thursday night against the Florida Marlins, one day after the Florida state attorney’s office released new details about his arrest last month on suspicion of drunken driving.
A team spokesman says it’s normal for players to miss an occasional game during spring training and that manager Jim Leyland simply didn’t schedule Cabrera for Thursday. The first baseman is expected to play Friday against the St. Louis Cardinals.
Cabrera was arrested Feb. 16 in Fort Pierce, about 110 miles southeast of Lakeland, where the Tigers hold spring training.
New documents accuse Cabrera of threatening a manager at a restaurant shortly before his arrest.

If I'm faded and people wont let me in an establishment, I get irate too. I remember getting kicked out of the bar on my 21st bday. People legitimately thought I had cerebral palsy. A bouncer and a bro had to carry me out and I was threatening to murder them both. I tried to strangle my boy when I got home, but it was more or less him holding me up, un-phased, with my hand around his neck while I shouted about hate crimes. Those were the days. No harm no foul, Miggy. I see you big fella.  


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