27 March 2011

Bracketology Blunder

It's really no fucking wonder why they offer a million ducketts to anyone with a perfect bracket. Shit's fucking impossible unless you're Biff Tannen with the "Grey's Sports Almanac" from 2015. I was sure that I would dominate the field in all my pools this year; and that a Kansas/Ohio State final was all but official. But fuck me running right? I will give $100 to anyone who gives me their bracket that has both VCU and Butler in the Final Four. I mean, of the long list of things I am better than you at; peeing the bed and picking winning March Madness brackets are in the top 5. I am utterly disappointed. Like, who woulda thought VCU would shoot 90% from beyond the arc and roll Kansas like that. Shit's steak sauce stupid. See ya next year, March Madness.


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