22 March 2011

Southern Hospitality

Police in Florida don't fuck around when it comes to alcohol, especially in the Lakeland area. I mean you got Cabrera dome-ing a bottle of scotch driving in reverse, blindfolded. Boom, jail. No questions asked. Any other athlete would have signed a ball or two and been home by breakfast. Not in the Tampa Bay Metro Area. Must be a practically dry county.

Now you got this good Samaritan here. My man is just gettin' tips'd up and mowin' grass(Sounds like every Saturday night for me. Zinga! ...I digress). It's his duty to keep the neighborhood looking tops. Next thing he knows, the boys in blue are pistol whipping the bridge of his nose as if he molested Henry Hill's girlfriend.

 (That scene is by far my favorite from, any movie, ever)

And boy did this guy get lit. Those black eyes are the real deal. I've been punched on the bridge of my nose before. Had me lookin like a raccoon for a week. This guy though, looks like he got a flash light beating. Quite a pay day this guy's gonna get. 


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