14 March 2011

Slam Sukka!

Now THATS what I'm talkin about! I feel like the past few years bullying has gone from standard procedure at schools everywhere to hands across America with mothers crying on Oprah. This little runt had it coming to him, I think he even knew it too. As the great Ice Cube once said "If I get dealt wit....I get dealt wit." Hey son, you just got Dealt Wit! Casey had 60 el bees on this kid at least! He took a couple jabs to the mug like Rocky did in his first bout with Apolo, then BAM! Jackknife powerbomb! Casey handled this little shit like he was a WWF Slam Buddy.

My hat is off to this kid. We've all had that skinny little punk in elementary school that had the worst case of ADD imaginable, treated with a steady diet of Riddelin and special reading tutors. The kid that just wouldn't stay out of trouble, trying to fight with everyone who gave him a rebuttal. And it seemed like he never got what was coming to him because he had some sort of social discrepancy that served as a "get out of jail free" card. You can bet your sweet bro asses (brasses, if you will) that at the first sign of my son being bullied, I show him this video along with old wrestling clips and say "give him a lesson."


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