31 March 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Hockey!

The Red Wing great and NHL Hall of Famer, Gordie Howe, turns 83 years young today. My one personal experience with Gordo is when I was about 11. I was up in Traverse City where Gordie resides and owns a restaurant. I was at the restaurant, "Gordie Howe's Tavern and Eatery" with my parents, and in walks Mr. Hockey.  I distinctly remember the aura this guy gave off when he walked in the door. Conversation stopped; Mouthes agape. He sat down at his regular table that was the only one open in a packed joint, with a half hour wait. I remember when you put you elbows on the table they would throw you in the penalty box and I always used to do it because I was a selfish brat and thought it was cute. I remember Gordie coming up to the box and he said, "I'm going to teach this youngster a lesson! You don't put your elbows on the table. This is how you use your elbows!" He proceeded to elbow me in the face harder than you're probably supposed to elbow an 11 year old, but no one cared. The man was and still is a fucking superstar. I shook his hand and he signed my family and I an autograph or two. He went right back to his scotch and the company of his wife. I'll never forget that day.

Check out the good ol' days



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