23 March 2011

Gay 80's Song of the Week?

I like what Gibster did last week with gay 80's videos. Just a reminder of how gay the decade we were born in was. If the 38 second mark isn't the gayest/creepiest thing you've ever seen then I don't want to know what is.


Gibby said...

I LOVE the gay 80's video of the week. See I try to find these videos that aren't flaming tho. Like these guys all obviously have gotten each other in standing 69's aka dooies. My video's- these people were bad ass's and thought they had moves, which now would be gay. They are both awesome. But I think we need to up the anti and gay 80's video of the DAY it up.

WildSteve said...

Like I've always said: The gayer the better. I'll post as many gay 80's as I can. We'll change the phrase from "gay as aids" to "gay as 80's"

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