16 March 2011

Gilbert Gottfried Got Fired

To be honest I really wanted to make this post just so I could use that title but this stuff is actually pretty funny and shitty at the same time. Gilbert Gottfried was fired yesterday from his Aflac gig for making jokes on his Twitter regarding the tragedy in Japan. Here they are:

Okay, we all know it's a total bummer that shit was broken and people got killed. Really, we do. You see, though, JOKES DON'T DO ANY MORE DAMAGE. There isn't some Japanese woman who's following Gilbert's twitter feed who is going to fall into depression JUST BECAUSE he made these jokes. All it would do is turn on that "I'm offended" switch giving someone the "right" to bitch at him.

With that said, why fire the dude? He's funny and his tweets were funny. There was not one person who read those and decided "Today I'm gonna cancel my Aflac insurance!" Although, I am sure there are some people who thought "That was a dick move Aflac, I'm not down with you anymore." This could also be me being ignorant towards the demographic of super-moral sensitive women who have to insure their minivans and the power they hold.

Either way, Gilbert Gottfried is still awesome.


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