18 July 2011

B.Inge Doesn't Like the Boos

"Batman" Brandon, as I like to call him, was all over the radio today, talking about how he thinks he doesn't deserve to get booed. Now, I apologize that I put only a 15% effort into finding this audio clip or the exact quote, but trust me he said it. Something along the lines of true fans wouldn't boo him because he's not doing good. Brandon, my boy, I would love if I could say you just "weren't doing good," but your stats are dismal at best. You're spotting numbers that even Jerald Laird would laugh at(*Raburn snickers in the background*). 180 average with 1 HR (not to mention you were invited to the derby a few years back). And that's only on the offensive end. Usually your defense makes up for the sub-par average you've traditionally posted, but this is absurd. As a true fan, I boo you because, heaven forbid, I expect better out of you! You've had 2 hits this month. TWO! If you don't like the boos you can do one of two things: A.) rupture your eardrums or 2.) admit you're a resident of Strugglesville and try to do better. That's all we ask of you. That and you bring back the Souul Patch. Shit was the Fire!