23 July 2011

They call him "two face Scherzer"

How I've never noticed this before is beyond me, but the difference in eye colors is unsettling. If you cover part of his face with your hand he looks like two different people. One side looks like Bradley Cooper and the other looks like Woody Harrelson. The brown-eyed side makes him look slightly fatter. So weird/gross, but I can't look away. Does this guy just pull mad pussy from this or what? Not only is he a big league pitcher, but women probably can't look away from his eyes. By the time they notice his eyes aren't novelty contacts, he's already put the spell on them and it's go time. Also shouldn't Scherzer be slightly better since he has the ability to use his goggly-eyed wizardry against batters? Meh, just chalk this one up as one of my hungover ramblings. #horrible blogging