27 July 2011

Penn State on GQ's Top 10 Douchiest Colleges

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I'll say this: If I expected any Big 10 school to be on this list, I would've guessed Ohio State. Although I think GQ took snobbery and trust fund babies into account on this list, and we all know Ohio is povert as shit.
With that said, my only encounter with a PSU student was in college when my roommate's boy stayed with us. Kid was obnoxious drunk by 6am, which is welcomed, but the guy went for 24 hours straight just wil'in out. He ended up goin to our rival frat's house and throwing a beer mug right through the main window. A little over the top to say the least. A real doucher move. They still rep their teams like they're relevant. Let's be honest your program is mediocre on a good day and football will not be respectable in Happy Valley as long as the corpse of JoePa is done meandering the sidelines. It's just a novelty at this point, Joe. Everyone knows you have nothing to do with the decision making anymore because if you did, your team would be making a title bid year in and year out. Let it go, coach.