19 July 2011

Chris Osgood Hangs 'Em Up

DETROIT - Chris Osgood has played his last game for the Detroit Red Wings.
The 38-year-old announced his retirement from the NHL on Tuesday and will stay on with Detroit as a consultant for the team's young goaltenders.
Osgood amassed impressive numbers during his 16-year career, winning 401 regular-season games and another 74 in the playoffs while helping the Red Wings claim three Stanley Cups.
He was limited to just 11 appearances last season while being hampered by groin problems.
The native of Peace River, Alta., also spent time with St. Louis and the New York Islanders during his NHL career, but his best years came with the Red Wings.
He was a two-time NHL all-star and twice shared the Jennings Trophy given the team that allows the fewest goals each season.
So long, Ozzie! I wish I could say it seems like yesterday when I got your autograph at "Batter Up" card store, but that was fucking forever ago. I love the saying that Osgood is the "worst goalie to ever win a cup". Don't get it twisted. He won 4. And he was the starter for 2 of them. I wouldn't say Ozzie is a first ballot hall of famer, but I think he gets in. He has 4 cups, 2 all star appearances, and scored a goal for fucks sake. A fucking goal! C'mon. He prolly gets in on a shitty ballot with like both Niedermeier's, Recchi, and Paul Karyia in 2015.
Osgood plans to be the assistant goaltending coach for the upcoming season.