28 July 2011

Top Bars in Grand Rapids for Those Looking to Save a Buck

With the economy still down, most people are looking to save a dollar just about anyway they can. Entertainment sales are down, the number of people taking vacations are down, and bar sales throughout the country are down. The expensive drinks and the long lines are enough to turn people away from the "bar scene". However, if you choose the right time to go and the right bar, you might find yourself a deal worth checking out. Here are some of the better bar deals I've found in Grand Rapids:

Flanagan's Irish Pub: Your typical Irish Pub, Flanagan's offer a large amount of beer, and of course, green beer. Not a whole lot of cheap deals offered by this bar, but you'll find $2.25 Wells drinks on a Monday night.

Monte's Lounge: This popular special appeals only to the students. "College Night" at Monte's Lounge consists of their 2-1-2 special. From 9pm-10pm, U-Call-Its are $2, from 10pm-11pm, $1, and from 11pm-12am, $2. Get their early or reserve a table because this place gets packed with a line out the door to get in at around 11pm.

O'Toole's: Located right next to Monte's Lounge, this bar is a much more "chill" bar. Less people, not as loud, but still great prices on Tuesday nights. $1 beer night from 9pm-12am will give you somewhere to go if you find Monte's to be too busy or too loud.

J. Gardella's Tavern: My personal favorite for bars in Grand Rapids; however, it's also one of the more expensive bars. Wednesday is relief to that as they offer "1/2 off Wednesday" to their customers.

Mojo's Dueling Piano Bar and Restaurant: A similar deal to Monte's on Tuesday night, Mojo's offers $1 drinks from 9pm-10pm and $2 drinks from 10pm-12am. This is probably the most diverse crowd you will see of any other bars on this list as the majority are "college bars". What can expect though being in a college town?

Hopcat: If you live in the Grand Rapids area, this is a bar you have to check out simply because of its world-wide reputation. Rated by Beer Advocate as the 3rd best beer bar in the world, Hopcat offers the widest range of beer you will ever see under one roof. Although expensive, you can find a deal on Thursday evenings as it is "$3 Thursdays" from 6pm-9pm. This makes the trip worth it as most beer on the menu are at least $5 or $6 dollars.

McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon: A more up-beat bar dancing bar, McFadden's attractant to many is its $2 U-Call-It on Thursday nights from 9pm-12am. If you're heading out here on a Thursday night, bring your dancing shoes and your Michael Jackson moves, this is one of the better dance floors you'll find in Grand Rapids (unless you're heading to a dance club).

Eve, located in the Bob: The Bob, or Big Old Building, is a 70,000 square foot, 4-story building that consists of bars, restaurants, dance clubs, and comedy clubs. Each bar has it's own specials or deals to offer; however, the Eve appeals the most to many, especially the ladies looking for a good time. Free cover for woman along with half-off martinis and wine are enough to real in the woman on a Friday night.

Uccello's Ristorante: The place to go on a Saturday afternoon to watch your favorite college football team. Voted Grand Rapid's #1 Sports Lounge for the previous 8 years, Uccello's Ristorante typically offers drink deals during many college football games and during all Detroit sports games. Not to mention, their food is delicious.

Peppinos Downtown Grille and Pizzeria: If you're simply looking to get some food, Peppinos offers 50 cent wings all day on Sundays. In addition, a $3 Bloody Mary Bar and $3.50 22 oz. Coors Light Drafts would accompany your meal if you choose.


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