04 July 2011

Happy 235th America

It's a little late, but I feel it's my responsibility as a citizen of this great country to pay homage to our freedom. After a weekend of binge drinking, drunk dialing, bag tossing and sun-burning, I've had to take a step back to reflect on how awesome everything we do is. There is no country in the world that would allow all of this on such a regular basis. We take a lot of things for granted each day, and we forget to realize the hundreds of thousands of lives that were sacrificed in order for us to live the way we do. I bleed red white and blue. On behalf of The Coalition, here's to the men and women who have fought and risked their lives for our freedom. Today is a day to celebrate everything that freedom and democracy stands for. And here's to a beautiful, 235 years young lady liberty!


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