12 July 2011

Marriage Proposal: Success or Embarrassing YouTube Phenom

This previous weekend was one of the most exciting and romantic times I've had the privilege of being apart of in my life. Lucky for me, I was one of the main characters, along with my beautiful and wonderful fiance, Abby. It's crazy how much is going through your mind in the weeks, days, and hours leading up the climax where you're asking the girl of your dreams to marry you. You want everything to be perfect, you want her to be completely surprised, and of course, you want a story-book ending where she says yes, you hug and kiss, and you end the day as a happily engaged couple. For some unfortunate guys out there, the outcome isn't exactly what they had hoped for: maybe the girl wasn't ready to be married yet or maybe the plan didn't go exactly as they had hoped. As you will learn vicariously in these videos, make sure your girlfriend will say yes, especially if you are going to propose in public. That is one aspect of the proposal in which I wanted to be 100% sure before I proposed; however, it is obvious that these guys were not so sure...

1. Houston, we have a problem...

First off, this guy was one of the guys who didn't really plan this out that well. He obviously made the wrong assumption that his girlfriend would say yes and the entire arena would erupt in cheers and pandemonium for his gutsy, public proposal. Things went differently for this guy; however. I can't imagine the thoughts running through his head on one knee when he saw his girlfriend was in shock, yet surprisingly hesitant to say yes. Then she leaves him. Not only does she leave, she runs and gets away as fast as she can. He is then left alone in front of thousands of fans not knowing whether to laugh, feel bad for the guy, or cheer him on to run after that girl. What does he do now? Find some other girl to give the ring to? Go back up to his seat to watch the second half of the game? This would be a complete disaster and a reminder to all those planning a public proposal: make sure she is going to say yes.

2. The runaway ring...

This guy did a nice job of surprising the girl--he surprised her enough to let go of anything she was holding. Unfortunately, what she was holding was the ring tied to the balloon. There's not much you can say about this other than this is just plain stupid. When girls get surprised they usually put their hands to their face and drop everything they have. Over the weekend, right when my girlfriend at the time knew I was about to propose, she dropped everything she had with her and even took her shoes off??? I still don't quite understand the shoes part but the point is, at this moment in a girl's life, they can't have anything in their hands as they are waiting for you to put that ring on her finger. I almost felt bad for this guy, but honestly who puts something worth thousands of dollars into a balloon? Epic fail.

3. The Slap of Shame...

For a moment, this proposal seemed to be heading in the right direction. He did everything right: he surprised her, he was romantic about it, and he looked to have had a very nice ring to profess his love to her. Then, SLAP! For those "How I Met Your Mother" fans out there, where was the Slap Bet Commissioner on this one? He must have chosen a really bad time in their relationship to propose. The possibilities are endless on this one. Did he cheat on her the day before? Or, did he propose the day before, get rejected, then think it'd be a good idea to try again in public using the "sympathetic, I guess I'll say yes this time to save him the embarrassment" approach? Whatever happened here, that's just plain humiliating. Not only did he get left alone, but the slap in public with the camera-man close by just added to the shame and misery of this failed marriage proposal.

These proposals didn't end so well; however, I am fortunate enough and blessed enough to have had one of the most wonderful moments with my fiance when I heard that simple word, "yes", come out of her mouth. For those of you guys planning a proposal in the near future, whatever you do she will love. Make it personal, romantic, surprising, and most importantly, make sure she will say yes so you don't find yourself on YouTube someday when people search for "failed marriage proposals".


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