10 July 2011

Prove It: Scottie vs. The Golf Monster

In another birthday celebration last night that involved me drinking way more than I intended to, and narrowly escaping a trip to jail for urinating in public, I came across our second installment of the "Prove It" saga. At one paint in the night (pretty early actually, round 9:30 or 10) we were discussing our golf games as any typical group of Bros would. Talking about our slices and how shitty our approach games are, and how some puts are near impossible (except me, for I am a phenomenal putter). Scotty "the Body" Ty chimes in, and I quote : "I can drive the ball 400 yards!" Like, that was ver batum how he said it. And we had already moved past that point in the conversation and moved on to chipping/putting.

So now the fun part comes. I bet Scotty $20 that he couldn't drive the ball 400 yards, and told him he can use any combination of club and ball he wants. I would've bet more but in these trying times I know the value of my minuscule salary. I am so sure that Scotty can't "Prove It" it's not even fair. I'd say the over/under is 325; and that's very generous only because I'm giving him the shadow of a doubt that he wouldn't say that unless he could really bomb it. So step up to the plate Scotty. "Prove It" parts I & II fall solely upon your shoulders. Don't let The Coalition down Scotty...