28 July 2011

Hey Guys...Draper Retired

I can't believe its been almost 3 days since this happened and no one has blogged it yet. Have our lives really gotten that busy and consumed with petty things that we've lost sight of what's really important. Well...probably not. Slacking is my personal excuse, and I'm OK with that. Who's gonna fire me? Snake? MdotNetz? Ha (seriously guys don't though).

Kris Draper had to have been the sports deal of the century when you really think about it. We got this dude for a buck back in '93! Literally! Do you know what a buck will get you nowadays? A small slurpee, a press on tattoo, or a can of Mr Pibb cola, and that's about it. The ROI on this was incredible, and that doesn't even take inflation into play. Business models should be built off this deal. Four time cup winner, Selke trophy winner, and one of the original "grinders." Not to mention that he was the X factor in what ignited the biggest and best rivalry in Hockey, and maybe all of sports, during the late 90s.

So on behalf of The Coalition, I take my hat off to you Kris Draper. One of my favorites to ever wear the winged wheel, and a class act if there ever was one.


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