25 July 2011

To Return, or Not to Return: The Journey of Brett Favre

With another NFL season right around the corner (assuming the Players Association ratify the lock-out agreement), many questions need to be asked. What will happen with the large number of free-agents looking for a new team? How well will the players be prepared for the season following the five-month lock-out? And, a question that's been asked many times before...is Brett Favre going to be suited up for another year?
After years of flirting with retirement, rumor has it that he will once again suit up to play another season. Favre is looking to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles, but this time as a back-up quarterback. This is the same man who has started nearly every single game he has been apart of. In my humble opinion, there's no way Favre would willingly sign with a team as a back-up quarterback. Does this mean he is trying to compete with Michael Vick for the starting position?
In no way am I trying to disrespect the 41 year-old professional athlete, but come on, make up your dang mind. We've been hearing this same story before each season year after year. When will it end? When he's 45? When he's 50? He's already broken many passing records in the NFL-I think he's going for oldest NFL player of all-time at a rugged age of 74.
According to Favre, the chances are slim that he will again return this season. Favre stated himself that another return is just "speculation" and that "I don't want to put my body through that anymore, I've been beat up enough". This eases the thought in my mind of seeing another return to the NFL; however, he's been saying this same thing for years.
You have to admire his perseverance and love for the game, but is enough is enough. He's had a great career, he's broken a number of records, and he's proven that you can play professionally after you're "over the hill". There's nothing left for Favre to prove. Unfortunately, his indecisiveness and old age has almost become a mockery throughout the fans and the league. Referees help him up after getting sacked, players have referred to him as "dad" or "grandpa", and companies are using him for some humorous advertisement--
So, whether Favre returns or not this season, we have to respect his decision...it's a golden rule to live by now days--we must respect our elders.