19 July 2011

F U July!!!!

100 degree days don't phase me.  I get 360 degrees or more on the reg...with a grab and a grind.

May is OK, June is a little worse, July and August make me want to vomit blood until I keel over and die. After that, life is pretty good.  This summer has been typical with lots of laying by water...and lots of swinging racquets and clubs.  I actually love all these things, minus the fact that I fucking suck at tennis and golf and I'm forced out into the 100 degree weather, but its like the first girl you fall in love with.  Shes your true love.  She always will be.  Shes your lobster (Friends reference).  Well I cant get over my ex.  I love her too much.  Shes not cheating on me, and she hasn't left me, but lately I have just been getting the feeling that she doesn't like me as much as she once did. But the process of winning her back starts right now.

Of course who/what I am talking about is snowboarding.  I can't wait.  This weather blows.  Bring me fall and then pow and I'll ride for 30 days in a row.