10 July 2011

Six to Midnight: Women's World Cup Edition

In honor of the US women's national team's nail-biter win in penalty kicks today, I give you Hope Solo. She's a straight up babe.

Love me some soccer girls. Now she may be the only lady on the team that is over a 5, but nonetheless, I couldn't help but feature her.

After almost getting booted from the team in 2007 for her comments about how the goalie that year sucked, was old, and how if she were given the opportunity, she would've made those saves. Well today she definitely backed her shit up. Gotta love a girl with a smart ass mouth.

Hope is also the only American player that is nearly as hot as anyone on team Sweden. Am I foreshadowing a Women's World Cup Final rematch showdown / volume 2 of the women's soccer STM feature? You can bet Hope's sweet little ass I am.

P.S. Hope looks a lot like Deb from Dexter, no?


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