14 July 2011

EA...Please Just Let Me Flick - It

With EA all but confirming the end of the Skate series by not making Skate 4, now seems like an appropriate time to bitch about it.

EA Skate was to Tony Hawk Pro Skater what iPods were to CD's.  When was the last time you popped a CD in without thinking, "Shit...I wish I wasn't being forced to pop in a CD right now."?  It almost brings me to the brink of calling off the jam session, and I do like to jam.

Ill take 10,000 tracks over 12 any day...much like I'll take EA Skate over an other low budget pre flick-it control skateboarding game.

I'm a simple gamer and the thing is...I do not ask much out of EA.  Give me this years EA NHL (NHL 12) and give me the next game in the Skate series (Skate 4) and were all set for a year.  Goals and grinds.  You would think they would care that I am upset about the end of an era.  They don't.

Quitting is for pussies.