12 July 2011

Derby Fan Gets His Thunder Stolen

I can't believe how little attention this bro is getting! This catch was fucking phenomenal. A true Web Gem if I've ever seen one! But it was overshadowed by this asshole who almost died trying to imitate such an awesome effort. I thought for sure this was gonna be the top story on SportsCenter this morning, but the other dude stole the show. A damn shame. I mean it's bad enough that of the whole 4 hours the Home Run Derby took, we only get one solid play to drool over, and it doesn't even get all the credit it's deserved.
Not only is this dude so Gung Ho to get a ball he is willing to leap into a pool full of people, but he brings his beer with him...and doesn't even spill the thing! And not to mention he snagged that fucker out of mid air on his way down from his perfectly timed jump. And Kudos to the chick who had the presence of mind to grab the dudes beer he was frantically treading water to preserve. This was an all-around outstanding moment that sadly had its thunder stolen by a less-athletic, twice as hammered clown of a man. But don't worry Bro who left it all on the line and made a spectacular pool catch, The Coalition's gotchu...


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